Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...The First Post...

It's always a dreadful thing, writing the first post or the introduction to anything, because it is the creating of an initial looking glass to 'something' that has not yet taken form. So, welcome! Welcome to the blog I intend to keep. Welcome to my life as a soon-to-be Mom, wife, daughter, sister, writer, and you know, person. I promise my musings will be sincere, quirky, honest, varied, specific, and personal... or as much of those words as I can possibly be in this venue called a blog. Hopefully sometime there will be readers of this little space of internet, but there will never be readers without actual substance. So let's descend then, into the musings beyond this first post and end this little awkward introduction.
In all sincerity, welcome. I am excited to embark on this little diary-esque quest, and I hope you enjoy reading whatever comes to be written.

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