Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come Hike With Us. Green Mountain National Forest: Killington, VT

No, the greencation posts are not over just yet. I've got a nice little tale on our little hike in the green mountains for ya...

Actually, is not much of a tale because the hike was not very long. Basically, we strolled on 900 feet of board walk and then skipped up two mini switch backs to beautiful Thundering Falls. It would have been a joke for my husband and I to do on our own, but with baby in his stroller, it was a sweet little touch of nature.

What was particularly nice was that finding this baby-friendly stroll was easy because the Green Mountains National Forest website has a great directory of accessible trails complete with corresponding downloadable pdf sheets on each trail (they include directions, descriptions, options, etc.).

Gabe enjoyed our stroll.

We posed by the waterfall.

And I got some time to spend with some personal favorites...




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