Monday, December 27, 2010

Catching Up on Christmastime

I hope you had yourselves a Merry Christmas! We sure did. And somehow, I made it through the other side of Christmas without completely crashing. Oh, I got sick all right, and I got the first really gross cough I have had in years, but Santa came, my son loves his new toys, my husband and I actually have had time to spend together, and we had a lovely time with our family.

A blurry, but cute picture of Gabriel in his new Ikea chair (and wow, he loves it).
Thanks MomMom & Grandad!

So what now? Back to life. But it's starting to feel like a different life is unfolding for me lately. I think it has to do with the budding belly I have (and I might have been eating jolly the past weeks, but that bump is mostly baby, I promise).

Things just seem different to me. My purpose, I guess. I feel much more connected with being a mother than ever before. I feel like I CAN manage things. And it isn't that I didn't feel that way before-- I just think that somehow getting all our Christmas shopping done, stripping our cloth diapers of ammonia, cleaning, baking cookies, working, and being Mommy all at once made me feel good about myself. I mean, wow, I got a lot done in December.

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Except blogging. Errr... sorry about that.

To follow, though, I want to say that I am feeling much more at peace with our decision to prepare for a natural birth. My husband bought me two books for Christmas (ones I wanted), which most natural birth Moms know (Birthing From Within and Hypnobirthing). They are excellent reads thus far, and they even came with a very sincere note from my husband that he is totally engaged in our preparation and pursuit of a natural birth. It was really touching to read his sincere commitment to something I want so badly. It made me realize this is something WE want, and I know that is going to be important.

Almost 19 Weeks along with our Gumdrop (#2)
Our "big" ultrasound is January 4th

I guess where I am going with this is that pursuing a natural birth needing to be a team effort is much like the effort to go green. It has to be a team thing. You can't do it alone, and it's not always easy to make the choices you do. As this year closes, I realize we have so much more to do to be a greener household, but I feel exhilarated about making further changes (maybe taking on composting next Summer?!) rather than daunted because this is something we do as a family. And maybe that is what this Christmas has taught me. Making the journey of life as a family is a true gift.

I am lucky to have a beautiful, blossoming family.

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  1. You look adorable!!! I think it is great that your husband is supportive of your natural childbirth! Very cool.

  2. I love the little tie on your son - How adorable! That Ikea chair is great. We have the 'adult' size one - very comfy. Very bouncy. Gabriel should enjoy it! :)

  3. You look so cute! I want that shirt!! Your hair is super duper long!!! How do you have time to look so gorgeous!?

    I am so glad you are writing such a happy post. Things always fall into place at the perfect time. Just take everything day by day. Your little family is growing and that is such a blessing. I am sure it will be CRAZY hard, but it will be worth it (it already is, right?).

    Also, great book selections. Those will be so inspiring and helpful for you and Dave. The most important thing about natural childbirth is having a partner by your side at all times telling you that you can do it and being your everything during the hardest moments. Also, believe in yourself.
    Believe that you can do it. Believe that you were made to give birth. Believe that it will be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life, but that nothing will be better than crossing the finish line-two babies in tow!

    <3 <3 <3 that belly!