Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Post in Which I Kick Myself.

I've been postponing the purchase of Gabe's first cloth swim diaper. He grows like a weed. I told myself-- at the end of May, weigh him and order one so he can debut with the pools. But did I order a swim diaper? No.

So yesterday and today I spent my afternoon attempting to find a place that first of all has any swim diaper in my son's size-- pretty much every cloth diaper baby boy in America must be between 21-30 pounds right now because just about every diaper for my almost 22 pound son is sold out. And then, ya know, I tried to find a diaper that I think is cute. And oh, we need this diaper, mmmm, Saturday... so how 'bout affordable 3 day shipping.

I guess maybe more than anything this little neglecting to order a swim diaper in a timely fashion is just a reminder that I am always behind anymore. I got so excited that I finally got the piles of clean laundry in our bedroom put away, but it doesn't take long for other things to start piling. I know it's mommyhood, but I wish I could keep up and keep a Martha Stewart-worthy home. More than anything, I just want a darn swim diaper solution. (If that's my biggest issue in life right now, I know I have it pretty good.)

So this post is a lament. And a call for help. Anyone have any swim diaper suggestions asap?! I pretty much refuse to buy a disposable swim diaper.


  1. Stopping by from SITS...cute blog and congrats on being nominated for the Parents Blogger Award!

    You'd think after having 2 kids, I would have a suggestion for you, but sadly I do not. But don't fret - even Martha Stewart would fall behind if she didn't have a million tagging along behind her cleaning up after her!

  2. Hey, Erin! Just popped over to catch up on your blog a little, and I have a suggestion. (We bought the iPlay dipes from BuyBuyBaby for $9.99--I'm guessing those are the ones that are sold out.) Anyway, you can also use FuzziBunz without inserts. Since those are our diapers of choice, we had them with us on our vacation last week, and actually used one for this exact purpose when the iPlays were dirty. Worked out very well. If you don't have FB, maybe it'd be worth buying a used one or two as swim diapers. Or maybe one of your other pocket diapers will work in the same way. Gabe is amazing, by the way! The blog looks great. I voted on three different "devices" for A Mom Writing. Hope you snag it. :)

  3. http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=535743&cmSource=Search
    i saw these in my one step ahead catalog the other day and wondered why anyone would waste ten bucks on a box of sposies when you could use these forever! looks like they have your size too and a quick google search might get you a coupon code!

  4. Thanks for the ideas! We're going with the FB w/out a pocket for tomorrow.