Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shenandoah Go Green.

In this day and age, it only makes sense that a National Park's lodge function in an eco-friendly way. For the Big Meadows Lodge in Shenandoah, green efforts are par for the course when it comes to hotel happenings.

A. The housekeeper only will replace your sheets if you place a specific card on your bed asking for it. Otherwise, he or she makes your bed nice and neat, but you reuse and reduce wash loads. This makes TOTAL sense. Who changes their sheets everyday anyway?

B. The housekeeper only replaces your towels if you place them in a pile on the floor of your bathroom. If you hang your towels after use, you give the message you will reuse them. Other than the need for a washcloth or two, it was no prob for us to skip the new towels.

C. Recycle by collecting paper, plastic, and glass items in this handy dandy little hamper. Sweet!

D. In the shower, a dispenser reduces on hotel shampoo, conditioner, and soap waste. It's just not neccessary to have the little trinkets to bring home, and this way, the housekeeper can stock up your room's soaps and let them be.

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