Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things that Go Stink.

This is a quick post to let you all know about stink issues.

1. We are currently trying to identify and correct a slight diaper stink issue. It seems that after Gabe pees in his microfiber pocket diapers, the inserts are stuh-hinking, not horribly, but enough that sometimes I have to do a vinegar rinse to rid the smell from the diapers. We used Rockin Green Classic Rock the first two months of diapering, but then switched to Country Save when we ran out in an attempt to be even more economical. We had no smell issues while using Rockin Green. What I am trying to figure out is if the issue is not enough Country Save, too much Country Save, Country Save itself, or something else entirely. We are probably just going to order some more Rockin Green (maybe in a scent this time, wee!) to correct the issue.

2. Per my post on hair mats for oil, I was planning on donating my hair for hair booms. Well, I received my address from Matter of Trust earlier this month, just to receive another e-mail almost one day later to let me know that address was no longer valid because the warehouse was full. I feel silly, but I just don't want to get my hair cut and have the hair sitting around my house waiting to get shipped away. I also am reading in some places that the hair booms are not being used at all, but Matter of Trust ensures the public on its PR page that this hair will be used for booms at some point in the clean up for this spill or a future spill. I am frustrated, and I still need a hair cut.

In the meantime, you can watch this ironically and sadly funny video of a sardonic sketch on the oil spill:


  1. I always have this issue with microfiber...NEVER with my plain old cheap cotton prefolds. The moment she pees in anything other than a prefold I can smell it and it doesn't smell good...out of the washer I almost never have any stick problems, but I have used RG the whole time. Well actually once I used ALL Pure and Clear and I think the diapers were just about as clean and fresh...

    I also heard they weren't even using the hair, and may not ever (annoying and upsetting), but you have beautiful hair! I would keep my locks if I were you :)

  2. ps-you are nearly at 100 followers (AMAZING) so you will have to do something special when you make it to 100!