Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Turning Heads (News in SIDS Research)

If you haven't already read, read here.

There is an emphasis in this research that this information is merely a hint, a building block, in the mysterious and awful world of SIDS. But knowing that a baby could have low seratonin levels and therefore could not be able to process the brainwaves to move the head in order to get more oxygen is enough information for me to NOT put my baby to sleep on his belly (not that I needed to be convinced)... not that he sleeps in his crib yet anyway because his reflux tortures him nightly so badly that he has to sit up to sleep.


  1. wow, interesting article...definitely makes sense, as serotonin is the sleep hormone. i guess the biggest downsides to back sleeping (and believe me, i think the benefits outway the risks), are the potential for a weird-shaped head from being smooshed down, and less time to 'practice' using the muscles for crawling. (but i guess that's what tummy time is for, right?). i have been mildly stalking this blog for a while...thought i would say hi. :) hope all is well!


  2. I'm glad to hear you've been reading. My Mom and I were talking about how babies 'these' days roll over later because of back sleeping just the other day. And yes, I am leary of the funky head shape, too!