Friday, October 8, 2010

Mom Wars

The more you read around the internet and peruse chat forums, the more you find a scary thing that I'd like to call Mom Wars.

Sure, it might sound fun, but it doesn't come with an amazing soundtrack or Darth Vader.

It DOES come with some topics of heated debate. People get really mad at Moms who do not think and act as they do... and I definitely understand some of the heat. I am an opinionated person, but a lot of these topics have to do with parenting choices. And ya know, the fact that we have choices in raising our children is a good thing-- I think. I often may not agree with someone's parenting style, but is it my place to correct him or her? And of course, if a child is clearly in danger, yes I should say something, but if not, is it really my place? This is what I have been wondering tonight.

In case you were wondering, here are some of the lovely topics which get Mommies particularly mad (and yes I exaggerate slightly):

-Rear Facing v. Front Facing Car Seats for Babies Under 2
-Breast is best v. Bottle is better
-Vaccine v. Alternative Vaccine Schedule
-14 wk. NT scan v. No 14 wk. NT Scan
-Nursing while Pregnant v. Not Nursing While Pregnant
-High Fructose Corn Syrup is awesome v. High Fructose Corn Syrup is evil
-Baby Wearing is the best thing ever for you and baby v. Baby Wearing will kill everyone
-Back v. Belly Sleeping Under Age 1
-Spanking v. No Spanking
-Organic v. Conventional/Processed Food for Kids
-Stay At Home Moms have it the worst! v. No way! Working Moms have it the worst!

annnnnd a current reheated debate due to a new study released the other day:

Drinking (in moderation) while pregnant will make your kid a genius!
You should be arrested if you drink while pregnant!

What do I think? (As if it matters!)
I'll never tell! But I didn't have a sip while I was pregnant with Gabe.
Never will I ever? I just don't know.
Really, I think all Moms need to just get along. Being a Mommy is hard enough!


  1. These are my thoughts about what you posted:

    rear facing until the latest time possible
    breast is best, but if you have to or choose to use formula it is ok
    alternate schedule is definitely the way to go
    the scan can go either way--the home birth team we want to use do a scan, and we don't want to know the sex the next time around, and if something were wrong with the baby it wouldn't matter in our eyes anyways
    limited quantities of everything is ok
    baby wearing depends on your baby--some hate it
    Dalia slept on her tummy since birth (and in our bed, too--big no no!)
    hitting teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to deal with feelings and that is not ok
    organic on things that matter
    both are equally difficult

    You forgot cosleeping! That is a BIG one!!


  2. I say to each their own. Trust what you feel is right for your child and your family. For me these are what I'm choosing:
    -forward facing soon, our little guy is SUPER tall and he has to sit cross legged in order to fit.
    -breast is best, he really hates the taste of formula.
    -my pedi does an alternate schedule already
    -scan. mainly because I am afraid of needles and I didn't want to get several blood draws, so my Dr just had me do the scan and one blood draw.
    -if I was pregnant, I would still nurse, if my body wold allow it.
    -No HFC in our house at all.
    -Babywearing in our house, our little guy loves it.
    -Let them sleep however, as long as they are sleeping!
    -If spanking is called for then I will spank. I agree with the above commenter that you need to teach redirection. But I also feel like you need to have some ammunition up your sleeve. I was threatened with spanking but I only received one in my life.
    -I say no processed foods, and organic if it is cheap. Even if it says "organic" it can still have bad stuff in it.
    -And the grass is always greener on the other side!
    -I didn't drink.

  3. Good post and yes there is a ton of debates out there - sometimes it makes my eyes spin but its fun to read.
    This is funny in your post: "Baby Wearing will kill everyone" LOL!