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Because Milk Donation Is No Teeny Thing: Mamatini Review & Giveaway (Closes 3/20)

CLOSES 3/30 11:59 P.M. EST


Nursing Moms need a drink. Lots of drinks. In fact, I cannot even count the times I’ve looked at my husband while feeding Gabriel, and without barely opening my mouth, a glass of water appeared. Water. How exciting. And let's face it, when you are pumping extra milk for your little one AND for the milk bank, sometimes all a Mommy wants is something exciting to drink.

And while that delicious Cosmo at the bar might be calling the name of most new mommies, that mixed drink is not going to do anything good for Momma or baby. What drink will? Mamatini™.

So, what is Mamatini™?

Mamatini is a pediatrician-created, organic herbal breastfeeding drink. It was designed to boost milk supply, increase nursing mother energy, decrease baby colic symptoms, and retain the nutrients breastfeeding mommies need for baby and self. Mamatini recommends pregnant and breastfeeding Mommies drink Mamatini (1-2 bottles/day) from 36 weeks gestation until baby weans. It is intended to support mothers throughout their breastfeeding experience, helping mommies breastfeed “better, easier, and for longer.”

Wow, that sounds like every nursing Mommy’s dream.

But… what is in this thing?

Lots of stuff. And by that, I mean, good-for-you stuff. Here are some specifics per serving (2 servings per bottle):

A full bottle of Mamatini has half your daily dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Folic Acid and B Vitamins. Not too shabby. It also is full of Micronutrients, which purportedly "increase absorption of minerals depleted by pregnancy and nursing."

Wow, that's a lot of herbs!

(Please click on the links from kellymom for each ingredient to read more about the specifics of each herb to be sure these herbs are compatible with you and your baby.)

Fenugreek and Fennel are both galactagogues. In other words, they boost milk supply. When donating milk, you must wait 24 hour before pumping and storing after taking any dosage of Fenugreek. Another thing to consider when using Fenugreek is its ability to make one's bodily odors smell like maple syrup. For those who are pregnant, using high amounts of Fenugreek can affect your baby's urine scent upon birth, fooling doctors into thinking your little one has maple syrup urine disease. (One bottle of Mamatini contains 3 g of Fenugreek, which is a middle range daily dose of the herb.) I did not smell like maple syrup from drinking Mamatini, though the milk I pumped the next day for Gabe's bottle did smell sweeter than usual. Gabe's urine did not smell after his bottle; his stool did smell slightly sweeter than normal over the following 24 hours.

Chamomile is cited to help with relaxation. It also is considered to have anti-fungal properties. According to Mamatini, Ginger is used to relieve stomach upset and provide restful sleep for baby and mom. According to Kellymom, Spearmint is known to decrease milk supply, but it is also said that most herbal effects on breastfeeding are not well-researched. I can tell you, and as you will read, whatever amount of spearmint in Mamatini did not counteract its beneficial milk-boosting properties.

The Taste? (As you raise an eyebrow...)

This might sound odd, but Mamatini tasted like a mint tea with a standard-tomato-vegetable juice after taste, and it was enjoyable. It tasted very earthy, but not quite grassy. I will not lie to you-- my favorite drink is chocolate soy milk-- if I was picking something to drink based on taste alone, it would not be Mamatini. But considering its benefits, I would definitely not say it tasted badly. I have no reason to make myself drink this stuff because my supply has not been low, persay, and yet, I drank it without any struggle. And if you like mint tea, you will love it.

Well, A Mom Writing, what did Mamatini do for you?

If you regularly read A Mom Writing, you know that last week was not an easy one for me. I started a new job, and the first three days required me to leave my baby for most of the day (I got to nurse him over lunch hour). It was not an easy transition for me as a mother in general, but it was mostly an adventure for my breasts. I was able to pump over a 20 minute break in the morning, nurse Gabe over lunch, and then I did not get to pump or nurse him again until late in the afternoon. By the third day, I was definitely concerned for my afternoon supply.

I had my bottle o' Mamatini ready for me to drink on that third night, and I definitely saw results as soon as the next day. Whereas I normally have about 4 oz. pumped to save for the Mother's Milk Bank (I always pump immediately after feeding Gabe around 7 a.m.), I had 6 oz. I had 6 oz. the next day, too, and the day after that I had 7 oz. Sunday morning I was back to 4 oz., but I imagine that another bottle of Mamatini would have kept that milk supply up very high.

It also kept me feeling close to consistently full throughout that first day post working. I did have a lull in the afternoon-- as I expected after three days without consistent afternoon nursing-- but a nursing vacation definitely aided in that recovery.

Last week could have been a milk supply disaster, but it was not, and I think that has a lot to do with Mamatini.

The Verdict?

Mamatini is a healthy, milk-increasing, safe drink choice for breastfeeding mothers. If you have any supply issues or if you are a working Mommy, this product is a go-to for troubleshooting. And if you love mint tea, you would love this, breastfeeding or not. I definitely give Mamatini two thumbs up.

So, after reading that review, I would guess you are ready to give Mamatini a try!

Buy Mamatini!

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Win Mamatini on A Mom Writing!

Mamatini has generously decided to send one lucky winner an ENTIRE CASE of 12 16-Oz. BOTTLES! That's A LOT of Mamatini, ladies. And it's a giveaway for a cause-- please consider donating milk to your local milk bank.

The mandatory entry:
1. Visit http://www.hmbana.org and http://drinkmamatini.com and answer me this-- How do you think Mamatini can support milk-donating mothers?

Additional Entries

2. Visit http://www.hmbana.org and figure out which Mother's Milk bank location is closest to you. Tell me which one with their contact number in a comment. I live in NJ, but am working with Ohio! (2 additional entries-- leave 2 comments.)

3. Publicly follow my blog (right sidebar) and comment. If you already, follow, make sure to comment!

4. Follow @amomwriting, @drinkmamatini, and @givemilk on Twitter and comment for one (1) additional entry each.

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6. Blog about the giveaway including a link to amomwriting and comment with the permalink to your entry for two (2) extra entries, leaving two separate comments.

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Make sure to include your e-mail address in your mandatory entry (if it is not in your profile) so that I have a means of contacting you if you win! The winner will be chosen by random.org on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. EST. I will then notify the winner by e-mail; the winner has 48 hours to respond before another winner is picked.
Thank you to Mamatini for this opportunity!

Contact me at amomwriting@gmail.com

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  2. If mamatini can partner with milk banks to provide a discount in exchange for a donation, or maybe a 'donate x amount, receive a free mamatini', I think this would encourage more donations.

  3. #1 Here's the closest location
    Mothers' Milk Bank
    751 South Bascom Ave
    San Jose, CA 95128
    Phone (408) 998-4550

  4. #2 Here's the closest location
    Mothers' Milk Bank
    751 South Bascom Ave
    San Jose, CA 95128
    Phone (408) 998-4550