Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do YOU have a Booby Monster?: Little Bit Designs Review & Giveaway (Closes 3/30)


Feed, Pump, Feed, Feed, Pump. Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed. Rinse, Repeat. The life of the breastfeeding (and milk-donating) Mommy.And what does this little repertoire of activity create? A Booby Monster. Let's not forget that nursing Mommies tend to become passionate about breastfeeding in some way.

Little Bit Designs Etsy Shoppe gets that, creating adorable and clever pro-breastfeeding garb (among other cute clothing) for your little one. What I love is how bright and modern these items are. If you are particularly daring, phrases like "Breastfed boys are born on second base," might be for you. If you are looking for something on the political, but not so controversial side, the "Learning to Breastfeed: No Bottles, No Pacifiers, No Nursery" gown or the "Booby Monster" shirt is a perfect choice. I tried the Booby Monster shirt on Gabe this past week, and he looked ADORABLE in it. I cannot wait for Spring to really hit so I can bring him out in his new tee!

And seriously, if you don't already like Little Bit Designs, you should read her Etsy About Me:
"I am the mother to 2 beautiful little girls. They inspire me everyday to create wonderful items. I put my heart into every item that I make, and I would never sell an item that I wouldn't give to my own children. In fact, most items I make don't even make it here, they are forever added into the collection of my girls."

And you can win a Booby Monster t-shirt!
Enter to win and get your little Booby Monster a shirt to match his or her latte!

The Mandatory Entry
Visit Little Bit Designs Etsy Shoppe and look at the products.
Pick your favorite and comment about it.

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2. Visit http://www.hmbana.org and figure out which Mother's Milk bank location is closest to you. Tell me which one with their contact number in a comment. I live in NJ, but am working with Ohio!
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Alas, alas, this is the last giveaway of the 200 Oz. Event. I'm happy to be rocking out the party until the 30th-- all three Giveaway Winners will be chosen on the 30th so be sure to enter all three by then!

WINNER: (by random.org) helenlam... contacting now!


  1. My favorite is the one that says "I see more booby than Daddy sees all year!"

  2. I have a couple, one is the "I see more booby than Daddy sees all year!" & Booby Monster.

  3. The Booby Monster is definitely my fav - given that my small biz is named Green Eyed Monster, anything monster themed is a hit! LOVE! (And I follow on Twitter both @greeneyedmonst and @tweetalacart, and used those names to publicly follow your blog) ;)

    OH! My little monster would LOVE this! =)

  4. I love the Mommy's Little Monster shirt!

  5. #1 Here's the closest location
    Mothers' Milk Bank
    751 South Bascom Ave
    San Jose, CA 95128
    Phone (408) 998-4550

  6. #2 here's the closest location
    Mothers' Milk Bank
    751 South Bascom Ave
    San Jose, CA 95128
    Phone (408) 998-4550

  7. tweet #1 http://twitter.com/helenlamby/statuses/11324865523

  8. I follow @amomwriting on twitter (@bluefroggie)

  9. I follow @givemilk on twitter (@bluefroggie)

  10. I voted for you for Top Mommy blogs.