Monday, April 5, 2010

D is for Breastfeeding.

A new study just made the news on CNN. A whole lotta numbers. The ones I found the most interesting?

-14% of mothers exclusively breastfeed for the American Academy of Pediatrics first six months.

-"Bartick refers to a 2007 CDC survey of hospitals and birthing centers, which scored each facility to determine how well it complied with recommendations meant to encourage women to breastfeed... According to that survey, Bartick says, "U.S. hospitals scored a 63 - that's a D.""

Something I agreed with?
"He believes the mothers and grandmothers of new moms also need to be educated about the benefits of breastfeeding because for their generations, feeding their babies formula was the norm."

What I'd add?
Let's not just get Moms, hospitals, and Grandmoms on board with breastfeeding-- Daddies need the education, too.

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