Thursday, April 29, 2010

Imagine all the diapers...

I've always loved the song "Imagine" - John Lennon, and tonight I am happily imagining a world without the below being buried in our earth. But unfortunately, there are lots of diapers being buried.

Cloth Diapers "In Real Life"

As proud and happy I am to be a Cloth-Diapering Mama, I haven't perfected the art of time and diaper management so that disposables never come out of our home. The above picture is from last weekend-- so, no, we haven't dismantled the Diaper Genie just yet, though it was the first time it was emptied since early February (that sounds gross, but I assure you no scents were permeating from it).

We are planning on taking the DG apart this weekend, though. While we do use a disposable here-and-there-very-rare, at this point we might not fill up a DG again until the end of the year. Not exaggerating. We're getting closer and closer to managing and mastering cloth.

But here are some cases of disposable use for thought.

1. We miscalculated how many diapers we needed while out, and all we have to use is that disposable stuck at the bottom of the diaper bag "just in case." (We've sort of gotten away from this by now-- you get used to using more space in the diaper bag for unused and used diapers).

2. Gabe has a truly bad diaper rash so much so that I am afraid we will destroy the cloth with butt cream/paste/vaseline (This situation has only occurred once, and I recently started lining his diapers with fleece for ultra protection).

3. Somehow all of Gabe's night-friendly diapers are dirty when he is headed to bed (This, too, has only happened once. We finally have the right number of diapers/ I am now good at knowing when diaper laundry needs to be finished so as to avoid this situation again.)

4. Gabe is at the babysitter's while I work. I spend approximately 15 hours away from Gabe due to employment. My Mom watches him during one shift, and she happily uses cloth-- she's a big fan of BG 3.0s, and whenever people make any sort of face or weird comment regarding our cloth choices, she is the first to be ultra supportive of our cloth diapering (Thanks, Mommy.).
...So Gabe spends about 9.75 hours away from family per week. And he heads to the sitter in a pocket diaper, but with his current peanut butter poop/rolling and rocking EVERYWHERE craziness, I really am not comfortable asking the babysitter to keep him in cloth while she cares for him. So he does wear disposables with her... probably about 5 or 6 per week tops. It makes me cringe, but that's just reality of life situations. I can only hope that if and when we are blessed with our next babies that I can be with them pretty much always (in a healthy way) and no disposables will come out of our home.

And for awhile we were still using disposable wipes (which easily slipped into the DG), but we are on a full-time cloth wipe regimen now. We have changed our system just slightly, and I will be posting an update about it soon.

So, lovely readers, what are your cloth diaper pitfall situations? Am I just a fool to have had the issues above? Tell me true!

And while we're on the subject, here's another diaper issue at hand.

Overnight Weekend Travel

We are currently brainstorming our cloth diapering tactic for a trip we are taking at the end of May. I will be writing a very nice post about this trip later, but for now, I will just give some basic deets and our "math problem."

-We are leaving here around 12:45 p.m. Friday.
-Including pitstops to nurse and change diapers, it should take us 7-8 hrs to reach our destination.
-We will be staying in a lodge Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening.
-We will be returning home on Monday morning, again taking a 7-8 hr trip to reach home.

There is no laundry available to us at the lodge that I am interested in doing while on this trip. You'll totally understand why when I elaborate later.

So, what to do?
I'm thinking of doing pockets while driving, the Flip System Covers with Flip Disposable Inserts during the day, and then using pockets at night. I am fairly certain we have enough diapers for this to work. What I'm concerned about?
-We've never used the Flip System Disposable Inserts before. We usually use prefolds under Flip covers.
-We only have 3 Flips covers. We have 3 Econobums covers and 3 Thirsties Duo Wraps. ...So, that is probably enough to get us through, but will Econobums and Duo Wraps work with Flip Disposable Inserts? I don't know.

We will be heading to Vermont on vacation this summer, and we do have access to laundry in the home being rented up there. So, I'm happy to know we won't have to do this sort of hybrid system often.

Please leave comments with suggestions about weekend travel!


  1. I think that you are doing the best you can and that is amazing. Think of all the diapers you ARE NOT using instead of the amount you ARE using. So what if you supplement here and there. It isn't about the exact number, it is about the choice to cloth diaper! And you made the right choice!!

    You know what we did? Honestly we talked about cloth diapering quite a bit before the idea of Dalia become a reality. Anyways, when we finally decided to switch over at about 1 month or so, I just went cold turkey. I just used all of the diapers we had around, and removed the DG from her room. In a sense, there was nothing but cloth, you know? I think a gradual change is also good (for instance, we are very seriously thinking about vegetarianism OR even veganism-and this WILL take SLOW adjustments)...

    Sorry this is such a long comment, BUT I just wanted to respond.

    As far as the flip stuff-we only use the covers with prefolds. I know nothing about the inserts :(

  2. Thanks, Sarah! We went pretty much cold turkey, but we have to have disposables & wipes in the house to send to the babysitter. We haven't purchased disposables since January so at least our little flounderings haven't amounted to much. But I still hate it, and I find I even hate the smell/feel of disposables at this point.

    I went veg for about 6 months in college, but it didn't work out. I'm more educated now so I consider it a lot, but Dave will never give up his meat-- I have no issue with meat so long as animals were treated well, etc., but I just get turned off for different reasons. Keep me posted on your veggie choices!!

  3. did you buy the flip disposables yet? i've heard nothing but bad about them. GroBaby disposables on the other hand are raved about.

    ...brb, gonna see if the grobaby fits in flip.

  4. life of a mom... ok, i'm back. the grobaby disposable inserts should fit a flip fine. probably will have to use the adhesive. might fit a thirsties duo wrap too. grobaby is on major closeout sale right now, esp the biodegradable, so you should be able to find a really good deal.

    sounds like you have plenty of covers. you can easily hand wash them in the sink and let them airdry if you run out.

    oh, and do you use hemp doublers? i swear by the baby kicks hemparoo joey bunz.