Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a New Pediatrician Kind of Day.

Today was our first appointment with our new pediatrician, and we were so much happier with this doctor!

The biggest note on the appointment? I am no longer being told it is imperative Gabe has solids and meat by 6 months!! The new doc said G is clearly thriving, and while solids are a good idea to ready a baby for real eating at around age one, theoretically, he would be FINE on breastmilk alone. Thank goodness.

And then there's Gabe's size.
20 lb. 2 oz., 27.5 in.
My son is very big.
His weight and height are both in the 90% range-- matching percentiles is a good thing.

You may think I would be serious on the day of my 6 month shots...

...but I'm all smiles!

(Yes, Gabe is wearing the new Blackbird print Thirsties Duo Wrap with the new Snap Closure. I'm in LOVE.)


  1. Thanks! He was not so happy last night-- a nice 100.4 temp from immunizations. He's much more cheery today.

  2. We are slowly moving into cloth diapers also. I've already noticed a decrease in how awful the diaper pail used to smell. I have two Fuzzibunz perfect fits and one Rocky Mountain diaper. Trying to decide which ones I like the best before buying more.

  3. That is great, Cindy! Every Mom has their faves, but I love the way Gabe fits in Happy Heinys OS pocket with velcro closure. We also like BumGenius 3.0 OS pockets for nighttime with both inserts and a stay dry doubler. When at home, we usually use prefolds folded in thirds in a Thirsties Duo Wrap or Flip System cover. There are lots of other great options-- many Moms like Apple Cheeks, Softbums, Smartipants-- but we have not tried them.