Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bye Bye, Ty.

I'm guessing you have already heard about this recall, but if not, McNeil recalled a whole lotta meds (yes, please hum 'whole lotta love' - led zeppelin while reading this entry). Infant meds and all. Supposedly no medical problems were reported from the recalled Tylenol, but it had more concentrated doses of active ingredient than intended.

Oh. Now I feel better? hmmm....

My other issue with Tylenol has to do with immunizations-- i.e. The Mind Battle of Last Night
Whereas prior to our new pedi visit, I was told by docs that T is safe to pair with shots, our new pedi issued me warning about controversial studies suggesting (a) T could make shots less effective (that the low grade fever is actually contributing to a stronger immunity later) or (b) possibly contribute to autism.

I had always been wary of the latter, but actually did not know about the former. I am so relieved to have found G a doctor who doesn't just dismiss these studies. I'm not saying I believe anything 100% to be true 100% of the time, but I think there's something to be said for weighing all of the evidence.

So last night, G's temp hits 100.4 and he turns into cranky city USA. My husband and I wearily took turns walking and rocking him, ever careful of his bruised little chubby leg. And we start the give Tylenol debate. We didn't. That was the right decision for us at that moment, and within an hour or so, G was back to his usual 97.whatever temp.

And when my Mom called us at 8:30 this morning to tell us about the recall, I found myself oddly smirking (in an evil Grinch sort of way) at that infant dropper bottle.

Now I just wonder how long this war will last.


  1. This is why we love our pedi. He will issue a prescription, but it is very very rare. Children are overmedicated. He pointed to a similar study with the autism stuff.

    Funny enough the doc who wrote us a prescription for the reflux stuff was in a bit of trouble with our pedi :) He never thinks babies have reflux, jaundice, or any other relatively "common" problem. Ear infections-he lets them generally run their course...no antibiotics...


    Good post! Also, I didn't know about the Tylenol. I am checking what we have now.

  2. It sort of depends on where you got it from-- I saw on thebump.com boards that some Moms were able to take theirs back to Target or Walgreens for a refund. Others were denied and told to call McNeil.

  3. I didn't know about the Tylenol, luckily we have store brand baby Motrin which isn't involved in the recall. Thank you for the information though, I passed it on to my mommy friends. :)