Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Actually, fun in the sun isn't the easiest thing for a child's skin.

With the ever-looming information on climate change and the lifelong effects of sunburn in a Mommy's mind, it can be hard figuring out just what to use to keep your child safe from sunrays.

Luckily, the Environmental Working Group has compiled a list of recommended sunscreens that are not only baby and kid-friendly, but also eco-friendly. And we all know that combo makes me happy. The secret to effective, green 'screen? Ingredients like zinc or titanium.

Top choices on the EWG list?

Badger Sunscreen for Face and Body, SPF 30, Unscented.

California Baby Sunblock Stick, No Fragrance, SPF 30+.

I am yet to try these products so I cannot speak to their effectiveness just yet.
As always, consult your doctor when choosing sunscreen for your baby, especially if your bundle is under six months of age.

Other important considerations when it comes to le bebe et la sole?

(Please excuse my French.)

Hats are your friend. My little man is a fair-skinned, copper-headed hair babe, and I know my genes are not burn-friendly. I can only imagine the repercussions of leaving his head exposed outdoors.

Sleeves do not always equal sweat. Actually, sleeves on a shirt can keep heat off of your child's skin. And what better blocks the sunburn than an actual clothing barrier? Obviously, your little ones won't be sporting turtlenecks in 90 degree weather, but consider light layers when possible.

Be shady. Take some time for shade-friendly activities under the trees like blowing bubbles, reading a book, playing charades, or dancing. If you are using a baby pool for a child under two, try to place it in a shady spot of your yard.

P.S. Gabe is now obsessed with grass.


  1. I put a link to this post on the message board for my play group mommies :)

  2. I have used the California Baby one, so far so good!! I agree though, best way is to keep them shaded!!

  3. Thanx for sharing. Love the foto. really cute!