Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Words (and then some) on Why My Mom Matters

Tenderly Teaching, Selflessly Giving, Passionately Laughing.

My Mom is a brilliant woman who went to college on a full scholarship, getting a degree in Biology with a minor in Art. She willingly and lovingly chose to stay at home to raise my sisters and me (all four of us). She encouraged us to explore the world so we could find ourselves, and she loved the women we grew into along that journey. My Mom led us by her own example-- as a passionate, moral, intelligent, fair, and devoted person full of love, she has demonstrated to us how to be good in every sense of the word.

While our relationship, like most mother-daughter relationships, has not always been perfect, it has always blossomed after the rain. In my darkest moments, my Mom was the first to take a train to help me through the shadows, and I know she will always be there to hold my hand. My Mom is my role model, my parenting how-to book, my very best friend. I know nothing I could write here will do her justice, but please know, Mom-- I love you.

And I could not be more full of joy that YOU are my son's Mom-Mom. I know now more than ever that being a Mom is the hardest, most wonderful experience in the entire world. Because of you, I feel confident that I can be the Mom every child deserves-- you taught me how to tenderly teach, how to selflessly give, how to passionately laugh. These seem to be the most important ingredients to motherhood so far. I am looking forward to discovering more and more as a Mom.

Oh, and you are the one who infused a true love for this earth in me. All the cloth diapers, cloth wipes, homemade babyfood, you-name-it, is because of you. So thanks, Mom. You made me green.

Happy Mother's Day.



Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there. I hope you have a beautiful day.

You can read about the ONE2ONE campaign and Smith Magazine's Six Word Memoirs (this post's inspiration) here.


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