Friday, April 9, 2010

Not so Solid on Solids.

I'm supposed to be excited about starting solids with Gabe, I think.

But I'm not. Because the world of solids seems so confusing to me right now.

I know we're starting with organic rice cereal and organic oatmeal. My plan is to head into homemade "yellows" after that-- pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados-- because they are supposed to be easiest to digest. And with G being a reflux sufferer, I'm not putting anything that isn't noted to be easy for digestion into his belly for awhile.

But here's what I'm not so sure about. When do we start? Gabe is interested in foods now, is an independent sitter, and is sporting two little teeth. They say to wait until 6 months, and you all know I am a huge breastfeeding advocate, but I think my baby is starting to hint he wants to try new things. Isn't 'natural' parenting about listening to your baby? I want him to get optimum nutrition and bonding from me, but I also want my baby's signals heeded.

And then, we've only got 17 days to go until we hit six months of exclusive breastfeeding. It's so beautiful to see that goal, my original "if all goes well, I'll breastfeed at least until" goal coming to fruition.

To wait 17 days or not to wait 17 days?

And after cereal, what next? And how exactly do I make all of these foods? I really like the concept of baby-led solids/ baby-led weaning, but when is the whole Gabe eats what we eat concept safe for him?

I'm reading and researching, debating internally and with family, friends, and whoever will listen to me ramble about all of this. I know plenty of answers to the questions above, but I feel like I need to make some sort of plan or map that will float in the background while Gabe shows me what he wants and is capable of eating.

So that's where I am tonight-- home, dryer finally fixed (and wow, our laundry piled up like whoa even though I went to my parents' twice.), Phillies game on our little television (I'll post about our mini-vision sometime soon), nursing our fussy, tired baby, wondering if tomorrow will be the day we feed Gabe his first cereal.


  1. I started my son on solid around five months even tho i wanted to wait. He was ready for it as much as i tried to ignore the signs because i looove breastfeeding. Its so sad to let go of doing it exclusively. But anywho he is on solids and i make them myself. I recommend starting with apples. We tried bananas and it made his tummy so upset! Apples have been the only thing that didnt bother him so far.

    Im a new follower! (stopping by from sits)

  2. We decided to start last Sunday w/ rice cereal, and he tried avocado last night. It's been fun! I'll post about it this weekend. I think oatmeal, pears, bananas, and apples are up next. I'll be wary of the upset tummy from the bananas for sure. And thanks for following!