Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year with Erin's Edibles...

Welcome to a new feature on A Mom Writing! Erin's Edibles will be a collection of posts about what? FOOD. And not just any food, but food that is worth the effort of writing about it. So it might be so awful I tell you about it, but more likely, it will be awesome or a time-crunch-easy-to-make blessing.

For now, we'll discuss this little item I decided to make with my Dad in mind, and it's called...

You can go here to read the blog entry that inspired me.
I also used the directions there. As for ingredients, I halved the amounts listed, utilized an 8 x 8 pan, used maple smoked bacon, and sprinkled regular old sugar.

So this bacon fudge thing was a bit of a curiosity to me, and like the curious cat I am when it comes to food and life itself, I decided to take a culinary adventure and make it. Being the daughter of a bacon-lover, I figured if I hated it, at least Daddy-O would probably like it. Well, he has not tasted it yet (he will on Sunday), but my husband and I have.

It's different... sort of like a chocolate covered pretzel gone... pig. Or pork belly, if I should be precise. My husband and I keep joking it brings umami to fudge (and if you have seen the later episodes of The Next Iron Chef 's second season on the Food Network, this might amuse you, too.) I guess all in all, I would describe it as savory, rich, and chocolate. Bacon-y, too. Possibly even a party for your taste buds, if they can figure it out.

My recommendation? Give it a try. It's easy to make and a surprising treat for your family and friends to munch and discuss. A perfect addition to any foodie's dessert spread.

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