Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reflux Mishaps, Baptism Garb, and Slowcookermania Success

I am starting to think my life revolves around my son's immature sphincter. Who am I kidding? It does.

He has been miserable for 2 days. He has not been able to lay flat on his back for more than 15 minutes without shrieking, and, while this is not unusual, for every 5 minutes of tummy time, he spits up some amalgamation of something.

ANYWAY. I realized he has been feeling a little on the larger side lately. And, ha, well, he sure has grown! My husband weighed himself last night and then added Gabriel (in the nude)-- his weight went up 15.8 pounds!

Not yet 3 months old (just around the riverbend, but still) and almost 16 pounds?!

And here's the thing. He's a baby with body to him, but he is not fat-- he is probably around 25 inches, too. He just looks so much bigger than a 3-month-old.

BUT HERE'S THE POINT. I called the doctor and the doctor said my little monkey needed to DOUBLE his dose of Baby Zantac.

Clearly, therein lies the rub... he was uncomfortable because his antacid dose was way too low!

Anyway, a 2 ml dose later, he actually smiled and laughed after 3 p.m.


In other news, Gabe's Christening is next month, and I have no idea what to dress him in for the event. I know there are lots of traditional outfits, but I just do not like the baby boy Baptism outfits in stores. Christening gowns are beautiful, and especially beautiful on baby girls, but for some reason, most Baptism outfits just do not seem to fit for us. It seems so very formal to wear a gown or a mini-white tuxedo. I LOVE the ones with shorts, but alas, it will be February when Gabe is christened. I found a beautiful knit romper in ivory that I loved on a few websites, and of course, the 6-9 month size is out of stock everywhere (Yes, Gabe fits in 6-9 months right now). Hmmm... pondering and searching... Any suggestions?


slowercookermania update

It's going really well! It definitely has made all of the difference to prepare meals in the morning when Gabe is happy and/or taking a happy nap. I made an AMAZING low calorie southwestern chicken and sweet potato soup the other night. My husband and I just loved it, and it was nutritious. I will post the recipe next week in an Erin's Edibles.

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