Monday, January 18, 2010

One-- er, rather, Two-- At A Time

Two Pounds Lost Per Week, that is...

This is great! I still feel like it is nothing, but I am 4 pounds less than I was 2 weeks ago. Supposedly nursing mothers aren't supposed to lose more than 1 poundish a week so I am pretty on track, and I am making sure to eat enough to keep the milk coming. And I will tell you how I am doing this-

  • Weight Watchers Online. NO meetings where I feel like I a foodaholic. I just know how many points I can have with my weight, age, height, and full-time nursing mommy factors considered. Being a SAHM (for now and however long) has afforded me the ability to keep the laptop nearby with the points calculator and daily points tracker nearby. And I do eat all 38 points per day with flex points and lose weight (that sounds insane) because I am a hungry, nursing momma.
  • Using Actual Weight Watchers Recipes-- they even have some recipes for the slowcooker, which is great, I reiterate here, because I need to use the slowcooker due to evil late afternoon reflux taking over my and g's lives. These ww recipes are decent, other than the casserole I made last night-- it freaked out my husband because I had to boil chicken before it was put into the mix. It pretty much ruined his night.
  • Gym. I joined a Snapfitness-- you have an entry card and can go anytime you want to go. It is never crowded, I use the elliptical (just 15-17 minutes for now-- I was on bedrest for 6 weeks so I have to work up to ye olde 40 minutes), and I do some toning. I feel great afterward, and it is my nice, little break from baby, domestic life, etc.
  • Nursing. I am convinced this is how I am -30 from pregnancy. (I gained 50 so I still have a lovely 20 to go to get to pre-pregnancy AND then I still need to lose more, but -30 sounds great anyway.)
I still need to get to the gym more, though. And my diet is seriously lacking enough veggies.
So this week, I need to...
  • Kick up the gym time.
  • Eat more of the green food.

Hopefully this 2 per week trend continues...


  1. Awesome! You are inspirational!

  2. You are doing it soo smart. I met with "someone in the know" recently and expressed my shock at how I was losing weight by eating more. She had that look on her face that said, "Oh dear, you are finally getting it!"

    Keep filling up on the good stuff.

    I've got to run so I can take some of my own advice!