Monday, January 4, 2010

"To Cloth or Not to Cloth,

...Or, should we switch to cloth (diapers)?" is the question.


In my go green efforts and thoughts, I have been doing a lot of consideration in regards to the cloth diapering.

And when I read the details of the deed to my husband he pretty much decided I was nuts.
"You're going to push our baby's poop, even once it is no longer breastfeeding mustard poop, into the toilet? You're going to swirl shitty diapers around in water with your hands? You're going to do a load of diapers in the wash every day? Because I will tell you this. I am NOT doing any of that."

Le sigh. When the husband is not on board with one of my wacky ideas, they are much harder to get off the ground. And oftentimes, they don't fly at all.

So I decided to really research this cloth diaper thing anyway. Unfortunately what I discovered is that they create the same carbon footprint as a disposable per production, distribution, and use of electricity to clean. What they do do for the environment is limit waste. And that does seem compelling to me.

Actually, it seems more than compelling. Every time I see my husband walk out of our condo with a blue bag stacked with smushed diapers alla Diaper Genie, I die a little bit inside. I think to myself, "You are single-handedly destroying your child's world." I am overdramatic, in case you didn't catch on to that yet.

And that brings me here, to the still in-my-head dilemma regarding diaper destruction. I am sitting considering right now if it is worth the crap, quite literally, to limit the waste leaving our home. I know my husband thinks it is not, but I also know that if I vow to take on the task with great solemnity, he will be willing to invest in the cloth option.

So I am sitting here pondering cloth diapers, and (angry look down) the post below.

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  1. I feel the same way you do, Erin. We don't have a washer/dryer so I was seriously contemplating washing peanut's diapers in our shared commercial washer/dryers in my complex...my hubby was also not on board and pretty much talked me out of it. I will say that we have yet to use our diaper genie - the diapers go into the regular trash bin - which makes me feel a little better about extra bag usage but now that Peanut's diapers are getting more gross we are going to be breaking out the genie soon. I try to reconcile my issues with disposable diapers by trying my best to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as I can. Good luck with your decision!!