Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Reason I Have Issues With Formula.

Beetles. In Baby Formula.

( I will guess you are thinking, "Are you kidding me?")

No, I'm not kidding you. Similac issued a huge voluntary recall today regarding "certain lines of powdered formula which comes in plastic tubs, or 8 oz., 12.4 oz., and 12.9 oz. cans" made in a plant out of Sturgis, Michigan because the formula was processed alla beetles. Whether or not the beetles are definitely in the formula is unclear.

And what little formula has Gabe been getting in two bottles per week while I work (because I only get enough while pumping over three shifts for one bottle)?
Similac Advanced with Iron.

And why do we use this formula?
We already had it in the house because the manufacturer sent it to us... so it was free (we just finished our first can after one month of using it, and we have another that would have lasted us until he started weaning from the bottle for that feeding). And our pedi recommends it.

Annnnnd was I planning on keeping him on this formula?
I was planning on buying some Earth's Best Organic formula if we ran out.

How do I feel right now?
Angry. Guilty. Infuriated. Frustrated. Disappointed. And a little lucky.

Why do I feel like this?
Because I have been trying to load Similac's recall website for a very long time now, and it is just plain overloaded. The page will not load. I managed to get on it for a second earlier this evening, and I was relieved to find the can we are just finishing was not recalled. But I didn't get to load the can we were planning to open tomorrow. And I tried calling their recall hotline for awhile, but gave up with the endless busy signals.

Oh, and because I could have been feeding my baby beetles, which are really great for a little baby's GI tract. Instances like this are surefire proof that eating local, whole foods you make for your baby and family are THEE way to live healthy, happy lives.

I do feel lucky, though, because Gabriel mainly breastfeeds so even if we were affected by the recall, he would not have had much exposure. Any exposure is horrible, but I am thankful that breastfeeding does limit Gabe's ability to be hit by things like beetles in the belly.

So what now?
I will be at Whole Foods at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, praying that they did not sell out of Earth's Best formula tonight. And if all else fails, I will somehow have to work around Gabe nursing.

Here is the info site and Similac hotline to find out if your baby's formula was part of the recall (If you can get through!!):


  1. Thank goodness your formula was not recalled. I saw this early this afternoon and could not believe my eyes. It is so popular and expensive! We ate at Whole Foods tonight and I saw quite a few parents seeking out EB. I hope you get there in the morning and it is still there. Our BRB sells EB as well so if not WF maybe there.

  2. This makes me so mad!! I also supplemented my son with Similac - like you I was given some and we used that. I never actually had to buy any, because he refused to drink formula.
    Either way - it is infuriating and disgusting. And a "voluntary" recall???? I think if there is a chance that I am feeding my son beetles, I am going to stop!

  3. We know that there are still some difficulties with the Similac recall website (http://similac.com/recall). We've heard requests for a lot number lookup, and it is here. You can search for your lot number in the PDF list here: http://abbott.vo.llnwd.net/o18/similac/sms/pdf/similac-recall-lot-numbers.pdf. Once you get this information, if you are at all concerned, please continue trying to reach us at 1-800-986-8850. We are continuing to get more people on our phone line and more bandwidth on our site. We know there are questions out there, and we are doing everything we can to talk to everyone as quickly as possible. ~Similac Team