Monday, September 20, 2010

Searching for Afforable, Eco-Friendly Play Kitchen

Gabe will turn one at the end of October, which means he will turn two next October. For kids with birthdays at the tail end of the year near the holidays, it seems like it makes sense for birthday gifts and Santa's sleigh to give gifts of the future. As in, we're thinking Santa will bring a play kitchen to Gabriel because that way he can start by opening and closing the drawers, moving food from compartment to compartment, and by the time he hits two, he will be playing kitchen with me.

So here's my problem. We want Santa to bring an eco-friendly, nontoxic, wooden kitchen that isn't insanely expensive. I mean, it's a play kitchen, not a real kitchen.

And yes, I am looking now.

Any suggestions???


  1. We had the same problems with finding a play kitchen. I love the company Camden Rose. Here is a link to their play kitchens: http://www.camdenrose.com/category/wooden_play_kitchens/99/

    All are hand made by artisan craftsman and women. Yes they are pricey but you can find VERY similar things things on Etsy. We have the "Simple Hearth" from Camden Rose but got it without the upper shelves for cheaper. Try amazon too. Educo make a good one.

    Good Luck.

  2. http://www.magiccabin.com/product.asp?pcode=890&crs=327&ref=product

    I am looking at this one. It is small and pretty cheap. Plus it is good for smaller spaces, which we currently have :)

  3. One thing I also like is that you can add to it as time goes on. SO CUTE!

  4. Hey! How is your research going? I spent a long time trying to find a play kitchen made from bamboo but have had zero luck!

    By the way I seriously love your blog and I am always here for the newest post! You always cover interesting topics that somehow are so timely that I am thinking about the same things!