Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Impact Week: Something We've Continued...

No paper towels enter our home anymore. We use resuable kitchen towels and rags always. And it's so easy to just toss the dirty ones into the washer to be cleaned with whatever load goes in next.

My husband does sometimes suggest we have some "just in case, for the microwave," but I never give in because I am scared we would use them as a crutch for anything needing to be wiped.

But it would he handy to have them for microwave use.

But we are happier to be without them!


  1. We use reusable paper towels too. The only time I buy real paper is when my sisters come visit, because they always complain. It is annoying and stupid I give in, but I do :)

  2. I love that we, too, made the switch from paper napkins and towels to rags and cloth napkins. My kids now hate using paper napkins. It's a money saver and a special treat. Who would have thought!