Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Food, Link.

This cute baby is now offering KISSES!
Wow, I never knew getting licked by a 10-month-old could be so sweet.

Anyway, I've been buzzing around the internet today, and I found two links I would like to share.

The first is a clip from yesterday's Today Show on homemade baby food.

Yummy (and awesome that homemade baby food got some air time), but I have to contend that adding apple juice to the cinnamon apple raisin oatmeal dish is completely unnecessary. That dish would be plenty sweet and moist with plain old water. I haven't given Gabe any juice yet... he gets his cals from my milk and food. Simply needing hydration? He gets water. What do you all think about babies and juice? Do you have any juice suggestions for Gabe (beyond making our own)?

The second is an (old) article from Chow on Greening your Meat:

Nom. Nom. Nom. Seriously, you CAN nom burgers and be green! I am all about this notion. We buy our grassfed, free range beef from a local farm, and it has more flavor than I ever knew beef could have. This meat is packaged in less than what you find in the grocery store (as in, no Styrofoam). We also do eat less meat than we used to. We used to meld meals around the concept of meat. Now, we don't. One of our favorite meals is Pav Bhaji (it comes in a packet at Trader Joe's) with Brown Basmati Rice. No, it's not local, but it's a great break from meat. We have also been boycotting many fast food chains (not all) for quite some time now.

Anyway, homemade baby food and green meat is on my mind now. I guess it's my food for thought (Did I really just type that cheesy line?).


  1. We don't give Dalia any juice (except a dash of prune juice when she is constipated--our little girl suffers from chronic constipation and food sensitivies). Juice is sugary. Water is the king of drinks in our has and has been for awhile. We want Dalia to crave water when she is thirsty. Plus, it is free and you simply can't beat that. Because we drink only water (and iced chai from sbux, I know I know...) she wants only water.

    I am surprised someone recommended making baby food with apple juice, which is probably the least good juice of all to give kids. Parents often give out apple juice because it is very cheap. Even organic apple juice is often way cheaper than other more nutritious juices.

    I am glad you are able to mesh your thoughts and concerns with a lifestyle that works well for you guys. It is wonderful to read how many different people approach being green. I certainly feel it is a process, a slow process. The process involves reflection, thought, concern, planning, and action. We have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle for many reasons, but eating less meat and not making your meals around meat 7 days a week is a great way to help the environment out. I have read many books that say one of the best ways to be green is to eat less, little, or no meat at all.

  2. Water IS the king of all drinks! We only buy organic milk, coffee, and the occasional green tea otherwise. And wine sometimes, too. Most days, we just drink water. I SWEAR I feel better when I only drink water. It keeps you hydrated and clear.