Sunday, September 26, 2010

Caution: This post requires night vision.

I finally feel it is not a jinx to let you know...

Gabriel is sleeping through the night! It has been one full month of our little one willingly being rocked and sung and lowered into his crib AWAKE between 7:30-8:30 p.m. He rolls around and just wriggles his way to sleep, usually without so much as a moan. I looked at my husband earlier this evening and said, "Can you believe it has only been about one month since Gabriel started sleeping through the night?"

We couldn't believe it. It has seemed so, so long since the little man cried for milk at 2 a.m. with an insistence to stay cuddled with us, nursing from me intermittently until morning.

And there still are random nights when he just has to nurse around 11 or so, but those nights are becoming increasingly rare, and when he is finished nursing he pushes us and rolls around as if to say, "Give me my own bed!" (And so we happily carry him back to his crib).

*Sigh* My baby boy is turning into a wee little boy; he is eleven months old today.

Just one more month of an under one-year-old...

If only he would nap willingly by the age of one (He is getting to an age where I would be fine with him not napping, but he gets so grumpy without any sleep throughout the day)!

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  1. AMAZING! I am super jealous right now! Dalia will not sleep well. Last night, for example, she took 3 hours to fall asleep. Once she was asleep she woke up 2 hours later and then 3 hours after that. I told Steve last night that we must be doing it wrong.

    She sleeps late and stays up late because otherwise Steve will never see her, but that just might happen for the remainder of this year before he starts at a firm in the city (because he will have so much more time then, right?). At least then he can work from home. The Supreme Court doesn't like that much...

    So anyways your post give me hope that she might start sometime soon. Does G have a schedule? Can you share it? Does he wake up on his own or do you wake him up? I didn't realize he doesn't nap much. Dalia must have two naps still or she will be uber cranky.