Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cloth Diapers and Childcare

Currently, Gabe is with me most of the time. I work part-time, three days per week, only five hours or less per shift. One of those days, Gabriel is with my Mom, and she is awesome enough to use his cloth diapers. On the other days, Goober is with our babysitter, and she is cool with him being dropped off in cloth.

Today, I did a little exploring in the world of childcare and cloth diapers... because I'm curious like that.

In fact, I actually stopped into a daycare and asked, among other things, if they allow them. The response?

"I've never even been asked that before. I don't think so-- it is probably against state standards. I'll have to find out. The director is on vacation."

Well, I didn't need the director to let me know about the state regs. I found them. And in New Jersey, it actually is permissible to use cloth diapers. Here are the stipulations, starting with part of 10:122-7.8 of the state's Child Care Center Manual...

"iii. Diapering supply requirements are as follows:

(1) A supply of clean diapers shall always be available.

(2) Diapering supplies, including diapers, shall be stored in an area out of the children's reach but easily accessible to staff members during a diaper change.

(3) Equipment used for cleaning the diapering surface shall be restricted for use in this area only and shall be disposable or laundered in hot soapy water.

(4) Staff members who use disposable rubber gloves during a diaper change shall dispose of these gloves after each use and shall wash their hands.

iv. Soiled diapers shall be disposed of as follows:

(1) Soiled disposable diapers shall be placed in a closed container that is lined with a leakproof or impervious lining. Such diapers shall be removed from the center daily and placed in a closed garbage receptacle outside the building.

(2) Soiled non-disposable diapers shall be placed in a sealed plastic container that has been labeled with the child's name. Such diapers shall be returned to the child's parent at the end of that day."

As a cloth-diapering Mommy, I figure this is good information to know, that despite what a center may say is legal, cloth diapering my baby in a childcare center is legal. Would I keep Gabriel in cloth if I were working full-time? I cannot be absolutely positive of that answer, but I would do everything I could for it to be a beneficial, sanitary possibility for my little man and the environment.

What about you all? Are you working with a cloth diaper baby? What do you do?


  1. Our daycare prodiver uses cloth, only the ones with velcro though. She is a state approved green facility so she is more open minded about cloth diapers. It took me forever to find a place that would even listen to me about how the non-prefold cloth diapers work.

  2. i dont cloth diaper but its weird to me that it would even be an issue. or worse, a legal matter. wow.

  3. I am not working with a cloth diapered baby so I just don't know what I would do. I'm still not able to wrap my head around having a daycare watch him period. If I go back to work when my husband deploys my mom will watch him and or a friend I have that also cloth diapers. So, I would hopefully not have the issue. To imagine it I'd do my best to find a daycare that is not only reputable of course but also will be find and comfortable with cloth diapers. But also I don't know if I'd trust them with them as in -- changing him more often since they are accustomed to disposables. So, I might buy disposables only for the daycare so I can worry less about him being sopping wet. *sigh* I am thankful that as of now I do not have these worries.

    I found you by search of Cloth diapers on Top Mom blogs! I'm going to follow you - I babbled a lot about cloth!

  4. We use cloth and our 10 month old hasn't started day care yet. He had some birth injuries and then surgery that prevented him from going to daycare for the first 8 months so we have been juggling him between the two of us. Anyway - I am worried about finding a daycare that will let us use cloth, especially in our area where no one I know uses cloth except me. I hadn't even considered it not being "legal" though I am sure it is - I will have to look up our state stipulations so I am educated.

  5. @Ashlee A state approved green facility for daycare? How cool!

    @jill It's crazy, right?

    @Julia Thanks for your comments and welcome! I love my cloth diapers so you'll see I write about them often enough.

    @Erin Weirdly enough, I know quite a few Moms who graduated from college or high school about the same time as me who do use cloth. Maybe it is an up and coming trend? Let's hope.

  6. I did daycare and I advertised that I took kids in cloth diapers because mine were and I was a huge advocate. Only one mom brought her child in cloth. I was actually really surprised. Licensing tried to make a policy that daycares couldn't take kids in cloth but I think they had to change that soon after. The only problem I have with diaper changes in group centers or with cloth is needing to wear rubber gloves. It's not like a person gets crap all over their hands when they change a diaper. And what does that teach our children when they can only be touched with plastic gloves? I think it sends a message that they are dirty and that we really don't want to touch them. Which I find really sad. Why caregivers can't just wash their hands properly each time is beyond me.