Friday, July 9, 2010

Incredible Edible Eggs

In our house, it seems the egg comes before the chicken, for Gabriel anyway.

As in, Gabriel had his first scrambled eggs this morning. As an eight-month-old, he is generally considered to be ready for egg yolks. Not egg whites-- that's best reserved for the one-year-old-- so skip the whole egg and separate the yolks out for your younger babies.

I mixed two egg yolks with about .5 oz. of breastmilk, and then I poured it into the skillet to cook. It was a weird consistency, though they looked like your average more-yellow-than-white eggs. Gabriel didn't eat too much, but he was interested so we shall see if he starts to eat them as a breakfast/dinner protein option.

For more information on the health benefits of eggs for babies and some egg babyfood recipes, head to Wholesome Baby Food's egg section here.


  1. My 18 mo has always been a great eater. Loves everything we offer her. I am grateful, b/c I have so many friends with picky eaters who struggle. But to date, the one and only thing my daughter does not like? Eggs! They are the only food she turns her nose up at, and I have tried serving them multiple ways. Oh well.

  2. Win win situation!! Egg whites are pretty healthy so you can save them for a mommy omelet and give G the yolks!! I mix in yolks with Dalia's oatmeal and brown rice...haven't given her one straight up yet :)

  3. Elizabeth, I am hoping that by starting with Gabe with "grown-up" food from the start, he will be just like your 18 mo, eating whatever. He had eggs again last night at dinner, and he was making some crazy faces-- he wants everything to be silky smooth.
    Sarah, that's exactly what I did! I had some red pepper, tomato, and cheese in mine, which Gabe will get to have shortly.