Friday, July 16, 2010

Investigating Mama Cloth.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my personal care this morning. It's not really a random thought-- I literally just started my second "real" period postpartum. I know this sort of talk can be classfied "too much information," but it is just such a relief to see my body start to regulate itself again, even if it was with a 50-day cycle. I know that irregular cycles and hormonal rollercoasters are par for the course with breastfeeding (especially when you still nurse two or more times through the night-- my husband and I are exhausted.).
I also am pretty glad I did start a period this morning because I pumped less than an ounce this morning, and I was pretty freaked out about it (as in, I think my eyeballs popped out). I thought, "Well, maybe just maybe, my period is coming," and I was right! Now I just have to pray my supply jacks back up after my cycle is over and done. (It did after my first "real" period so, hopefully all will be well.)

Anyway, I digress from where I was going. This post is not meant to be about milk, though even as my son approaches nine months (?!!) I do feel like my life and thoughts revolve solely around that lovely liquid.

This post is supposed to be about Mama Cloth.

What's "Mama Cloth?" If you use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers, you probably know that women can ditch their disposable pads for cloth. Many retailers lovingly refer to these feminine hygeine products as Mama Cloth.

And I want to make a hardcore switch.

I did get my hands on a Happy Heiny's (as in, the cloth diaper brand) pad so it was ready for me to sample when I got my period last time. And I have to say I really liked it. It was ultra soft, fashionable (there are ones much cuter than the HH pads pictured available all over the internet, including on Etsy), and absorbent. It did the job, kept me comfy, and cleaned up beautifully.

But here's the thing-- I bought an overnight-sized pad to do the job during the day because the day-sized pads available look like a joke to me. It turns out I didn't need a huge amount of padding for my first period because it was so light, but if and when my period goes back to what I am used to it being, there is just no way I could use anything other than a heavy-duty option.

So that is what I have been searching for, and I have not had much luck. I have found one option-- you use an original pad, and on heavier days, you can snap in extra layers of fabric. But doesn't that just sound like it will get thick, lumpy, and possibly even visible through my pants? I am willing to make lots of sacrifices for being green, but I am not ready to let the world know exactly when I having my period via lumpy butt pants.

But I am still searching and considering, and within a month, I will be making some decisions on investing on a real stash of Mama cloth. Wish me luck, and if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

P.S. My friend Sarah did tell me about the Diva Cup, which I am also considering, but I am not sure if it's for me.


  1. I tried out some Mama Cloth options a while back and blogged about them here: http://musingsfrommomschool.blogspot.com/2009/12/this-ones-for-girls.html

    I have been using them ever since.

    I *just* got my first Diva Cup in the mail this week and was at the tail end of my cycle so I didn't really get to test it. I really hope it works for me, because it was expensive. I am hoping it will, because I chafe when I wear Mama Cloth and then go for a run.

    The sea sponges I tried are still an awesome option, too. Changing/washing them is kind of messy so I try to do that in the shower so it all just washes away quickly.

    Hope you find something you like!

  2. Oh thanks Krystal. Yes mama cloth is a world unto itself just like cloth diapers. I go between things: a little of this and a little of that. It is a slow process and sometimes I just need a regular old applicatorless tampon...also SG has chlorine free tamps for those days when you just don't want to deal with it all.

    Erin, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I always value what you think and say about everything green. You help me with my decisions :) Send me some of the links to things you like.

    Do you think my period is going to come soon? Dalia eats anywhere between 0-2 times at night. I think I am ovulating (can you do this without a period) and I definitely have interesting things going on down there...


  3. I haven't made a complete switch yet, but I want to! I have a Moonbow by Fussybutt (bought here:
    http://sweetbottomsbaby.com/catalog.htm?category=115 ) in regular, and it is AMAZING how much it holds. I've stayed away from Happy Heinys because it's not the best fabric... you want highly absorbent material like bamboo or hemp. So I'd suggest looking into Moonbows or these two others I'm planning to try (and that also get rave reviews on diaper pin)



  4. Thanks for the great suggestions! I am really curious about the sea sponges.

  5. I've used the diva cup for about 3 years now, and it is definitely a scary thought the first time you use it...If you don't put it in right, you can feel it, which isn't the greatest feeling. However, after a while, you will learn to use it properly and for me, I thought it was the best idea because you can leave it in and not worry about it while going to the bathroom, and most likely leave it in for a full work day. I never liked wearing pads when I used regular ones, so this worked best for me, but I never tried cloth ones!