Saturday, July 17, 2010

Swing Low, Sweet Potato Pancake.

Gabriel has been quite the Goober over finger food... or any food thicker than the thinnest puree (other than cereal, which he loves any way you serve it to him).

And then there were pancakes. Sweet Potato Pancakes.

I made the recipe listed here with the two egg yolks option rather than one egg and just a pinch of cinnamon.

I was originally trying to do all sorts of weird alterations of the recipe because it called for milk. And, um, my Mad Scientist Mom concoctions were scary. The thing I learned when I researched further is that milk is a no-no before one, unless it is in a baked good. If baked, it's fair game at eight months. Thus, the Wholesome Baby Food sweet potato pancake recipe is safe for Gabriel. Of course, a cup of whole milk, is not. (Cheese and yogurt are just around the river bend, though. Yippee!)

The pancakes tasted awesome, Gabe ate them like a pro (and I do mean pro- pincer grasp, chewing, and all). And they froze/defrosted fabulously, too! Welcome, new staple carb/veggie option.


In other news, Gabriel finally rejoiced in the bath with ultimate splashing tonight. It was awesome.


  1. Interesting pancake, sweet potato, huh..Hmmm, why not? I'd give this a go. My kids love pancakes, its a morning ritual in our house, lol! And they really love fruit bits in their pancake or on top, (whichever way, they just gobble it up, lol!). So I was thinking, if they don't mind fruit bits in their pancakes, maybe they wouldn't mind veggies, too? It's up to me to find out, lol! Thanks for sharing this one, :)

  2. These look so good! I may have to make them. :)