Monday, July 26, 2010

The Little Chicken that Couldn't.

This is a vigil for our cage free roasted chicken that never finished roasting because the power went out for four hours yesterday evening, and we had to trash it due to sanitation reasons.

::Pouty face::
(I really am extremely bummed about this.)


Also, I have fun news! We're prepping for our Vermont vacation. Don't worry-- there's internet access up there so I am sure I will not be able to restrain myself from posting. In other words, you all will be on the road with us.

AND within the next month I'll be doing a review of a really cool book for teens on the not so earth-friendly state of things-- Get Real by Mara Rockliff-- and review/giveaway of Yoreganics laundry and lip balm. Yum.

Stay tuned!

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